About Us

Golfs Art Gallery - In Business for 15 Years!

Golfs Art Gallery sells one of the largest collections of authentic   memorabilia and collectibles from the stars and legends of golf.

As one of the world's leading golf art and memorabilia   companies, we offer a wide variety of golf gifts, tournament awards,   memorabilia and collectibles, including autographed historical photographs.

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional service to all   of our customers. Sports and entertainment fans as well as the sophisticated   and discerning memorabilia collector have come to rely on us for their   authentic memorabilia with lasting value. Our museum quality and creative   presentations, distinct collection of photographs, art and unique displays   are admired and sought after by sports and entertainment fans of all ages and   categories, collectors and historical buffs alike.

When buying sports memorabilia, authenticity is the single most important   consideration, because there's simply no substitute for THE REAL THING. But,   ensuring authenticity can be a serious challenge unless you buy from Golfs   Art Gallery and its associates. Each autographed item we sell comes with   either a Hologram or Certificate of Authenticity", the symbol of   excellence in the industry, guaranteeing that you have purchased a truly   authentic collectible.

If   for any reason the item you purchase does not pass authentication by a reputable   third party authentication company, 100% of you money will be refunded when   the item is returned undamaged. In our 15 year history as one of the   premier online memorabilia retailers, we have never had an item returned   for questionable authenticity.
 As a matter of fact, only on a couple occasions were items returned because the   gifts did not match the recipients décor. We simply have not had any items   returned because the customer was not completely satisfied and we always   exceeded their expectations.