Enhance Your Game Room Decor with Authentic Golf Photos

Whether you plan to add a new game room to your home or want to spruce up the decor in an existing one, golf photos will make a great addition. These are photos (autographed or not) of well-known golfers such as Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Phil Mickelson, Michele Wie, Graeme McDowell and others, and they can really add personality and flavor to your game room.

Game Room Layout

Before buying golf photos, golf art or memorabilia, determine how you will arrange the game room. The layout will help you determine what style, size and shape of golf prints will blend well with the room's decor. Once the layout has been completed, you'll be able to measure the available wall space and determine how many golf photos you need.

Draw a floor plan and place any games or equipment where there will be enough room for mobility while playing. For instance, you don't want to place a pool table too close to the walls (you'll need plenty of space for the pool sticks). The game room might also feature fitness equipment, an air hockey table, a ping-pong table, a portable golf mat and any number of other games. Place them where you can play comfortably and safely.

Once your equipment is in place, determine how many golf photos you'll need and what type of prints you'd like to include. There are golfer photos, humorous golf prints, golf art prints, golf course pictures, and other items to choose from for a golf theme. Golf photos come in various styles, sizes and colors. Choose photos with colors that match your wall paint or wallpaper. Hang curtains and add floor rugs to match. Also, be sure the frame will be a style that blends well with the room. You might be able specify the type of frame with some companies. Look for high quality frames (preferably museum quality) so your golf photos will last for years to come.

Perhaps you've won a few golf awards and wish to set up a display cabinet with golf memorabilia or collectibles, a funny golf picture from your past, golf flags, golfing gifts you've received from loved ones, etc. The game room is the perfect spot for displaying all your personal golf favorites!

Where to Buy

Shop online with a company that specializes in golf course pics or photos of famous golfers. Some sites offer hundreds of golf gifts for men and historic golf photos you can add to your game room. Pricing will depend on the featured golfer or the specific golf course, and whether or not the photo has been autographed by the golfer. Before buying, make sure the site is selling "authentic" photos and not fakes. If the prices seem too good to be true, then the dealer is probably not selling authentic photos. You can also find great golf tournament ideas if you plan on hosting a tournament soon in your area. Use these ideas to make your game room a fun and interesting place to entertain friends with high quality golf photos!

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