Authentic Golf Photos for the Collector

Perhaps you love to collect golf photos and memorabilia for game room or trophy area of your home. Or maybe you use historic golf photos and golf course pics to decorate your office or foyer at your place of business. No matter what your reason, buying authentic autographed photos can be a real challenge. How do you really know if it's authentic or not? How do you know if the golf collectibles you're buying are of high quality or "junk" quality? Here are some tips to help you avoid wasting your time and money.

Beware of Thrift Shopping

Though it might be tempting to buy that $50 golf course picture or signed golf photo (that's usually worth $250) at the local flea market, don't buy when you first meet the seller. Get to know the person behind the counter. Ask questions about where they got the photo and why they're selling it. If they say, "Well, it's been in the attic for 20 years, and I just decided to clean out that area," then beware. There's really no way to know for sure if the photo is truly authentic unless the seller possesses a Certificate of Authenticity. Even if they do, examine both the photo and certificate carefully before making a purchase.

Another way to shop at flea markets is to look for the collectors that specialize. These are guys who frequent the same flea market and have built up a substantial collection of historic golf photos, golf art, memorabilia, flags and other quality products. A golf collector will know his stuff and be able to answer your questions promptly. He knows how to price his items according to market value, so expect to pay more. Trust is a big issue with flea markets, so it's best if you can deal with the seller who sets up his booth every week and has regular customers.

Local Collectible Shops

Another option is to buy golf photos at local collectible shops. These shops will usually have variety of golf products, golf gifts for men, etc. If buying high priced, autographed items for the first time, don't be afraid to ask for references and proof of authenticity. The shop owner should be more than willing to offer proof if the photos are truly authentic.

Buying Golf Photos Online

Yet another option is to buy authentic golf photos and prints online. Many collectors are going this route simply because they can find what they need without hassle...and often at a better price! Golf memorabilia stores online usually carry a wide selection of collectibles and photos, including humorous golf prints, golf awards, golfing gifts, golf course pictures and more.

The key to finding great items online is to read the site's terms, about page and guarantees. For authentic golf photos, the company should include a Certificate of Authenticity with your order. Find out a little about the company before ordering. Check with Better Business Bureau to make sure there are no complaints. Ask other collectors in discussion forums if they've ever ordered from that particular website. Taking these steps will help you avoid scams and get high quality golf photos and other collectibles at a fair price.

If you plan to host a tournament soon, check online for golf tournament ideas, golf awards and more to help your event go smoothly. The web offers a wealth of information and thousands of products to save you time and money!

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