Decorating Your Guy's Man Cave: How to Choose the Right Golf Photos

It's always tough to find the perfect gift for a man, especially when your guy is the type who has everything. The solution, of course, is to buy something as a gift that he'd never think of buying for himself. If the guy in your life is a golf enthusiast with the luxury of a man cave, why not cater to his tastes with a framed golf photo to hang on the walls?

If you're at a loss about what type of golf art might find a home on your man's walls, ask yourself a few questions about the kind of golf enthusiast he is. Chances are he fits into one of the following golf fan profiles.

Celebrity Golf Hound

Does your guy love watching the pros play? If he speaks admiringly about Nicklaus and Palmer, and can spin yarns about Ben Hogan and Gary Player, chances are he's a celebrity golf hound. The celebrity golf hound is enamored of the personalities that play the game as much as he is of the game itself. The ideal gift for a celebrity hound? You can't go wrong with autographed pictures of famous golfers. Shop around for collector-quality framed photos of his favorite golfers, preferably signed and dated. The rarer the photo, the more valuable and valued your gift will be.

Golf History Buff

Does he have the answers to all the golf trivia questions on the tip of his tongue? Can he tell you the original date of each major tournament, who played and who won them? The golf history buff loves the game and its rich history, not just the personalities but the numbers and facts behind them. A snapshot or publicity still of a golf hero isn't enough for this guy. For him, find a photo of a famous moment in golf history, signed or unsigned. This is the golfing enthusiast who will truly appreciate the famous photo of Arnold Palmer paying up his lost bet to Jack Nicklaus or a candid of rivals Phil Mickelson and Fred Couples walking side-by-side at the 2006 Masters tournament.

The Course Connoisseur

Does your golf enthusiast dream of visiting the famous greens and clubs of the world? Do his eyes light up at the mention of St. Andrews or the Old Links at Ballyliffin? You're buying a gift for a course connoisseur. Chances are that he can name the ins and outs of the most famous and trickiest holes and lays in the golfing world. Please him with golf course pics of world-renowned greens and links to hang on his wall and fuel his dreams. You can't go wrong with a golf course picture of St. Andrews, or the stunning view from the 7th hole at the Pebble Beach Golf Club.

Other gifts your golf lover might enjoy include golf collectibles, such as golf flags and golf award pictures, or golf memorabilia, such as signed clubs or tees. Just do a little digging in your golfing guy's psyche to find what it is about the game that attracts him, and you'll find the perfect golf photos or other memorabilia for his man cave.

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