Golf Photos and Decor Ideas for Your Sports Bar

Just're watching your favorite golf game with buddies in the comfort of your own home! And better've got your very own golf-themed sports bar with golf photos, golf memorabilia, collectibles and more! This setting is a dream come true for most golf lovers, but many don't feel they have the space or money needed to create their own home sports bar. Don't worry! Here are some ideas to help you create a dream golf room without going over budget.

Transform Your Garage or Basement

Instead of adding a room onto the house for a sports bar, consider remodeling a garage or basement that's rarely used. This can save you thousands of dollars from the start...and you can get moving with your golf decor right away. Add some paint or wallpaper, an affordable wooden bar with refrigeration, some leather bar stools or comfortable chairs and a huge flat-screen TV! Your furnishings don't have to expensive. Comfort for your guests should be the ultimate goal.

Other considerations for remodeling a garage or basement include, heating/air availability, ventilation and moisture issues, flooring options (concrete garage floors can be carpeted with indoor/outdoor carpeting), electrical outlet availability, and lighting. You'll want to make sure you can plug in a refrigerator and microwave, the television, cable/satellite wiring, and any extras. Speak with a contractor before getting started to make sure you can add all this affordably. If you have carpentry experience yourself, you'll save a lot of money by doing all or most of the work on your own.

Adding Golf Decor

A golf sports bar can be decorated with all sorts of golf products, including golf clubs, historic golf photos, funny golf pictures, signed golf photos of famous golfers, golf course pics, etc. If you play in tournaments and have won some golf awards of your own, consider making a shadow box display to show off your accomplishments. Add a golf pin flag and some posters or prints to spruce up your display. If you have a teen son or daughter that plays golf, be sure to set up a display for them too!

Where to Buy

Check online stores that sell golf course pictures and golf art to find great decor ideas for your golf sports bar. Some websites offer various humorous golf prints (to lighten things up) as well as autographed photos so you can decorate with variety. You can also get golf tournament ideas online if you own a company or organization that hosts local tournaments. Or host a tournament just for your buddies and give out "unofficial" golf awards to the winners! For special occasions or big golf games, consider buying small golf gifts for men to give out to your friends when they arrive or to use as door prizes. Golfing gifts can be anything from a golf art print to some sort of golf collectible.

Most of all, make your sports bar fun for all. Don't fret over trying to make the decorations and golf photos look perfect. After all, it will be mostly guys that will visit the room, right? So keep it informal with a laid-back atmosphere so your friends will feel at ease!

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