Golf Photos and Pictures: Tips for Collectors

Golf is one of the oldest games in the world. The modern game of golf started in Scotland before the mid 1400s. Scotland continues to be the leader of the sport with the most courses per capita, according to a 2005 Golf Digest report. Australia, New Zealand, the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland follow in that order, with the United States trailing behind Canada and Wales. A few lucky golfers may play all the courses in Scotland, but it is doubtful that anyone will play all the courses in the world.

Golfers who dream about the spectacular courses around the globe can energize their dreams with museum quality photographs of the great courses. These golf collectibles make great gifts for parents, friends, and coworkers, and they are also outstanding choices for tournament awards.

Autographed photos of the heroes of the game also inspire golf enthusiasts. Most golfers would be delighted to look up from their desks and see the images of their favorite stars. Sweden's Annika Sorenstam, for example, ranks fourth in the number of LPGA major championships. Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods are top ranking for the number of wins in the top four men's championships (Master's Tournament, U.S. Open, PGA Championship, and Open Championship). Other well-known golfers, like Gary Player, Ben Hogan, Tom Watson, Gene Sarazen, Sam Snead, and Bobby Jones, each have more than a handful of top wins.

Golf art encompasses even more than photographs of players and courses. Artfully arranged scorecards and passes from major tournaments, collages of masters champions and masters badges, and creative desk accessories create the perfect decor for a game room or clubhouse.

For the golf enthusiast who has everything, a 19th hole desktop Zen garden says it all. A square foot tray contains sand and a putting green. The golfer can relax will raking the sand or knocking the miniature ball into the tiny hole. This is interactive art at its best.

Famed golf artist Michael McCann memorialized the game of golf with his vivid watercolors with titles such as First Off the Tee, Daybreak at the Caddy Shack, Just Playing Through, and many more. McCann's watercolors depict the skills, friendships, sentiments, and beautiful surroundings that are all part of the game of golf.

For avid golfers with a sense of history, photos of historic events in golf make great gifts. This could be a photo of Tiger Woods' distinctive arm pump or Ben Hogan teeing off.

Golf isn't just a men's game as the LPGA champions prove. Women have been enjoying and excelling at golf for a long time. Artful photos and paintings of women at golf are attractive reminders of the contributions women have made and continue to make to the game.

A number of retails have compiled impressive collections of golf art, collectibles, and memorabilia. They make great golfing gifts for men and for women, and can't be beat for as prizes for fundraising.

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