Golf Photos: Celebrate the Art of Steve Heit

Famed sports photographer Steve Heit is one of the best-known names in the art of photographing golf courses. His eye for composition manages to capture the essence of some of the best-known holes and most famous golf courses throughout the world. Heit's golf photos are stunning works that transcend the sports aspect of the game to create works of art that have a universal appeal. You don't have to be a golfer to be touched by Heit's golf photos, but those who recognize the famous golf courses and venues he captures on film find an even enjoyment of the intrinsic beauty.

For over thirty years, Heit has traveled the world photographing the world's famous golf courses and moments. His lens has caught such iconic moments as Tiger Woods gauging his putt at the U.S. Open or smiling into the camera with Jack Nicklaus. He's shot Arnold Palmer, Fred Couples, Phil Mickelson, Sam Snead, Tom Watson and more. His list of golf photos is a who's who of great American golfers of the past thirty years.

But Steve Heit's true genius lies in capturing the heart and soul of golf as it shows through in the stunning photos he takes of famous golf courses. Heit is often commissioned to take photos of courses for tournaments, advertising brochures and feature stories on golf for magazines, posters and other forms of golf art. From Scotland to Scottsdale, where he now makes his own, Heit has photographed all of the most beautiful golf courses and most famous golf holes in the world.

Many of Heit's golf photos have achieved iconic status. If you've seen the photo of golf great Tiger Woods silhouetted against a setting sun, you've seen Heit's work. Among his best known golf course photos are a matched pair taken at St. Andrews, one of the Swilken Bridge and the Royal and Ancient Club House, with the moon rising in the background and the other of sun rising over the Royal and Ancient Club House at St. Andrews.

Heit's artistry manages to capture the raw power of the sea and the greens at Pebble Beach as well as the pristine, manicured beauty of the 12th hole at Augusta National, home of the Masters Tournament. In addition to his photos of the most famous golf courses in the world, Heit has also photographed lesser-known courses with the same delicate eye that turns a golf photo into a work of landscape art you'll be proud to hang on the wall of your living room or executive conference room.

Steve Heit golf photos make the ideal gift for a boss or business associate who has played Augusta, Pebble Beach or the Old Course at St. Andrews, or who has ever dreamed of doing so. They're also the perfect gift for yourself if you're looking for framed golf art to hang over the sofa or in your game room. Beautiful, classic and eminently collectible, Steve Heit golf course photos are truly worth the investment.

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