Golf Tournament Ideas: Start with Golf Photos and Go From There

Whether you're volunteering for a local or national charity, a golf tournament is a sure-fire winner. Golf tournaments can raise a considerable amount of money through entrance fees for golfers and ticket sales for spectators. Mounting a successful charity golf tournament requires a lot of planning and strategizing, but the results can be well worth it. When your tournament is raising money for a charity, you don't want to give out cash purses to the winners. Instead, consider golf photos and other golf memorabilia as prizes for the top winners. Here are some other golf tournament ideas to help make your charity event a successful and memorable one.

Enlist Local Celebrities and Sports Names to Head Up Foursomes.

One of the biggest enticements you can offer most golfers is a chance to golf with celebs and local sports heroes. Hit up the mayor, local radio jockeys and television anchors and the coaches and players for local sports teams. Many will be happy to lend their names to a charity event, especially if their only real responsibility is to spend a pleasant afternoon on the golf course.

Of course, you shouldn't send your celeb volunteers away empty-handed. Reward them with a thank you gift that commemorates their contribution to your fund-raising properly. You can choose from a wide assortment of golf memorabilia available through companies that specialize in golf photos, golf art and golf move collectibles like Caddyshack. One very classy golf gift to consider is a framed, autographed pin flag from the Masters, the U.S. Open or the PGA Tour.

Buy Swag for the Tournament Participants

Your participants are going to pony up a healthy entry fee for the opportunity to golf with your celebrities. And part of the fun of playing in a charity tournament is the swag bag that you get to take home as part of your reward. You can really have fun filling these swag bags with golf gifts, including golf tees personalized with the name and date of the tournament, embroidered golf towels and nifty golf-themed desk accessories, such as picture frames bordered with molded golf balls, clubs and other golf mementoes, or a decorative golf ball paperweight.

Don't forget to include a printed certificate of participation for each golfer, either framed or rolled as a scroll but suitable for framing. While you're stocking up for the swag bags, make sure you grab some golf awards for special achievements, such as holes in one, and gag gifts to soften the blow of coming in last. Prints from golf humor artist Ben Lightfoot's Eagle or Canyon series might do the trick.

Choose Memorable Golf Awards

Instead of the usual golf trophies, make your prizes something special and memorable. If you look online, you'll find beautifully framed photos of some of the most famous golf holes, fairways and greens in the world, as well as signed photos of golf greats like Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer. Many sites that specialize in golf photos and golf memorabilia will personalize framed displays with a plaque engraved with the name of your tournament.

Golf photos, golf memorabilia and even inexpensive golf gifts can help you make your golf tournament more memorable and fun for all the participants.

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