Harry Houdini Signed One Page Letter With Original Photos Display.

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Harry Houdini was the world’s leading Illusionist and stunt performer. Houdini’s versatility became evident as he also became an actor, historian, film producer and aviator. He vociferously defended his craft and won many legal victories against those who doubted  or pirated his stunts. He escaped from handcuffs; he was buried alive, tied up in straitjackets e scaped from  chains, locked up in jails, escaped a Siberian prison transport van; escaped Water filled milk cans; and held his breathe for over 3 minutes and escaped the Chinese Water Torture Cell.  He thrilled and confounded audience for over thirty five years.  Show here is a typed letter signed by Harry Houdini in black fountain pen ink.  The letter is dated June 18th 1917 and addressed to Boston Columnist Edwin F Rice who was also founding member of both the Mystic Circle of Boston and the Society of American Magicians, forwarding two small black and white photos (also present) featuring Kit Clarke, Houdini and Rice.  Kit Clarke at that time was the Editor and writer for the Society of America Musicians newsletter.  The typed letter also states that Houdini “…won that case against those imitators, they have been stopped doing that trick”.    He has boldly signed below his best wishes. A short note regarding a Napoleon article in the Sunday Times by an eyewitness recounting Napoleon’s funeral, is typed below his signature.   In his own hand Houdini has added   “I saw Harry Kellar in the hospital.  He has an infected hand.  He is in Post Graduate hospital 20 St & 2nd Ave, N.Y. City.   The S.A.M. Bot $1000 Liberty Bond!!!!!”    Showing his patriotism for the War Effort.  The letter is 8 ½ x 11 inches with usual vertical and horizontal transmittal folds.  Matted and framed as shown using brown and gold matt highlighting the accent photos, the letter, the transmittal envelope,  the original small photos, which are the reason for the communication, and the black and gold informative plaque.  All mounted on brown fabric with replica keys and replica period handcuffs.  Framed in an ornate, period looking frame to an approximate overall size of 40x32x2 inches.  Third party PSA/DNA authenticaltion as well as ’s lifetime guarantee of authenticity, with its own, individually numbered Certificate of Authenticity.   Ready to hang.