Golf Paintings Capture the Beauty and Spirit of Golf

Any avid golfer will tell you that there is far more to golf than swinging a club at a ball. While the art of golf may have much to do with the way your iron hits the ball, golf art has as much to do with beauty as it does to do with sport. That beauty is captured in oil and acrylic on canvas in golf paintings by two of the golf world's most gifted artists, Linda Hartough and Marci Rule.

In their paintings of some of the most famous golf holes in the world, Rule and Hartough manage to capture far more than any photograph could. With a keen eye for detail and a deft touch with a paintbrush, each of the two women bring out the beauty and spirit of each golf hole, leaving the viewer with the impression that they are looking at not just the literal vision of the hole as it exists, but the image that the golf architect held in his mind as he designed the course.

With that in mind, it's interesting to view the differences between the two artists' renderings of the same famous golf holes. The differences are no more evident than they are in Rule's and Hartough's Pebble Beach paintings and paintings of each hole of the Augusta National Golf Club.

Hartough's 7th Hole at Pebble Beach is a sweeping majestic vista that takes in the hillside approaching the green and carries far out to where the water meets the darkening clouds. The lush landscape and the attention to detail impart the sense of majesty that any golfer feels when approaching the perilous hole with its twin hazards of water and sand. The brooding clouds, the forested slope, the architecture of the course and the foaming sea all come together with the deft touch of Hartough's brush and make it clear why her golf paintings are among the most prized and valued in the world.

Rule's view of the same hole from the same vista depicts the same details, but the feeling of the painting is markedly different. Her use of light and shadow, the contrast of her colors and the rich use of shape create an almost surreal landscape that is somehow still realistic. Where Hartough's painting is a stunning landscape where the scenery is the star, Rule's golf painting makes the green, the sand traps and the hole itself the star of the painting. The landforms draw the attention immediately, and it is only after fully appreciating the spare beauty and artistry of the course's architect that the eye is drawn to the ocean and sky beyond.

If you're looking for the perfect gift for a lover of golf or fine art golf landscapes, Rule and Hartough are among the most renowned and honored names in the field. Their golf paintings have been featured in books, magazines and television shows, and both women have been commissioned by the premiere golf clubs and golf organizations in the world to create artwork and commemorative paintings. Golf paintings by Marci Rule or Linda Hartough are investments in beauty and artistry that will never lose their value as long as people love the beauty and spirit of golf.

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