Linda Hartough's Golf Paintings and Landscapes Decorate Offices Beautifully

Decorating an office, a reception area or a boardroom is a special challenge to many interior decorators. The paintings, wall art and decor you choose must fit the company profile well, and stand out without sticking out. If you're tasked with choosing artwork for a reception area, office, meeting room or conference room in a legal firm, banking firm, financial office or advertising office, you can't go wrong when you choose a beautiful golf painting by renowned landscape artist, Linda Hartough.

Golf has a special place in the halls of corporate America. Businessmen, doctors, lawyers and other high-powered officials often choose golf as a recreational activity, and nearly every businessman has tales of business conducted during the course of a golf match with competitors and business compatriots. Golf paintings imbue the office with a sense of serenity while acknowledging the place that golf holds in the heart of so many business people.

While many photographers have attempted to capture the beauty of the world's most celebrated golf courses, a photograph just doesn't hold the same cachet as that same landscape captured in oils on canvas. Golf painter Linda Hartough has been painting most of her life, and throughout most of her career, has focused her considerable artistic talent on capturing the beauty of golf landscapes and the spirit behind many of the world's most famous golf holes. Hartough is the only artist to have been commissioned by both the United States Golf Association to do the official paintings and prints of the U.S. Open and the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews to annually commemorate the British Open Championship.

Hartough's St. Andrews golf course prints are highly considered by those who truly know golf. Jack Nicklaus, easily the best known golfer of all time, owns several golf paintings by Linda Hartough, and has stated that Hartough has a "true feel" for a golf course. This is clear when you step back to view Hartough's rendering of The Swilcan Bridge, The Old Course at St. Andrews, perhaps the most famous image in all of golf history. Her brush strokes and viewpoint capture all the majestic history and the silent magic inherent in that hallowed spot, and invite you in to walk across the bridge and make your way to the Royal and Ancient Clubhouse.

Hartough's Scottish golf course art extends far beyond that singular landmark, though her painting of the Swilcan Bridge crossing may become her most recognizable painting as much for its subject as for its artistry. Her sweeping view of The Road Hole at Dawn captures the stunning, rugged beauty of the Scottish countryside as viewed from the 17th hole at St. Andrews, The Old Course in a way that no other hand could have depicted it, and her depiction of The 9th Hole, Turnberry Golf Course has a luminescent quality seldom equaled by even the most famous painters in history.

Whether you're looking for the perfect piece of artwork to grace your reception area or a stunning view of golf's most famous views, Linda Hartough's Pebble Beach hole #7 golf painting are the perfect choice.

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