Lord Of The Rings The return of the King 11x17 Movie Poster Framed

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15.00 LBS

The Lord of the Rings The Return of the King:  A 2003 film released by New Line Cinema.  While Frodo & Sam continue to approach Mount Doom to destroy the One Ring, unaware of the path Gollum is leading them, the former Fellowship aid Rohan & Gondor in a great battle in the Pelennor Fields, Minas Tirith and the Black Gates as Sauron wages his last war against Middle-Earth.   Won 11 Academy Awards, four BAFTA awards, Four Golden Globes, and two Grammys.    An 11x17 movie poster matted and framed as shown, with a quote from the movie on the plaque.  Overall size is approximately 19x27x1”