Muhammad Ali Signed Boxing Gloves Collage Display.

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50.00 LBS

Muhammad Ali is considered the greatest Heavyweight boxer in history.  He announced his arrival at the 1960 Olympic Games where he won the gold Medal in the Light heavyweight division and after turning professional became Heavyweight champion of the world when he defeated Sonny Liston in 1964.  The color photo here shows a victorious Ali standing over a defeated Liston at the conclusion of their second fight, in Lewiston Maine.  Ali is urging Liston to get up and continue.  A boxing glove, authentically signed by Ali, is included in the shadowbox, as is a black and gold informative plate.  Ornately framed as shown, to an approximate overall size of 36x50x8 inches.   Lifetime guarantee of authenticity, with its own, individually numbered Certificate of Authenticity.