Muhammad Ali signed Everlast Robe Display.

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90.00 LBS

Muhammad Ali won three world Heavyweight titles, and he is still the only Heavyweight to do so.  His last Title was in 1978 when he defeated Leon Spinks in a rematch to regain the title.  During his career he was fond of the long silk robe.  He wore both black and white robes.  This large collage shows a black robe, authentically signed by Ali below the Everlast label on the chest.   The full size robe is mounted to a black fabric background with a 20x24 B&W image of Ali standing over Sonny Liston during their second fight in Lewiston Maine.  The victory was his first as Cassius Clay.  A black and gold informative plaque and the black “leather” dished frame completes the collage.  A large piece the approximate overall size is 80x46x3 inches.   Lifetime guarantee of authenticity, with its own, individually numbered, Certificate of Authenticity.