Russell Crowe Signed Gladiator Framed Display

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35.00 LBS

The Movie "Gladiator", starring Russell Crowe, was released in 2000. It grossed over $456,000,000.00 worldwide, and won five Oscars, Best Picture, Best leading actor, Best Costumes, Best sound, and Best visual effects, as well as another 80 award nominations. This large shadowbox is commemorative of the movies International success. A large movie poster with replica sword and scabbard, accented by an 8x10 scene from the movie showing Russell Crowe in role as "Maximus", authentically signed by Crowe. Matted and framed as shown in ornate gold and black, in keeping with the overall look of the piece. Both the poster and the heading are framed in gold filet. A black and gold informative plaque is also incorporated in the display, Overall size is approximately 34x46x3 inches. Lifetime Guarantee of Authenticity.